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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Preliminary Interview:

Preliminary Interview is the initial interview done by any company to test whether you suits their requirements are not. Normally this will be done by any HR Executive who will look into your communication, confidence, interest in the job, qualification, presentation skills, personality fit, attitude etc. So while attending a preliminary Interview, try to show you as most focused and interested in the job. Also try to learn something about the company from websites and display the known things while the Interview. Take care of your attitude in these kinds of Interview rounds by being positive minded and target oriented.

Your confidence, interest and attitude will make you clear this round.

Group Discussion

Group Discussion will be normally conducted at campus Interviews in order to test a group of people at the same time. In this, a general or technical topic will be given to you for which you have to debate with other participants with a positive or negative side.

You should take care of the following things in a GD:

·         Try to initiate or conclude the discussion for which you will get some additional marks.

·         Be strong with your points and give some statistical data or example for your point, which will add some colours to your point.

·         Don’t be idle as well as don’t interrupt while others are speaking.

·         Try to show some leadership qualities by giving chance to others or by motivating some idle person.


Aptitude Test:

Normally in most of the companies this will be the first round where you will be tested for your reasoning and mathematical power. You will be given with some set of objective questions which might consist questions from logical reasoning, comprehension, vocabulary, technical, mathematical etc. This round is to test your capabilities in the above mentioned areas and also to filter good candidates from a bulk group. Study lot of reasoning and mathematical based books and practice a lot to clear this test.


Technical Interview:

Technical Interview will be normally conducted for jobs in HR, IT, Technical Support or Finance where you will be tested at your technical or subject knowledge. Be thorough with your subject with syntax, formulae, technical terms etc, to clear this round. This round will be more in depth for IT interviews where you will be tested at your programming skill in specific technologies. Even some times you will be asked to write some sample programs in the specific technologies. Be technically strong in your area to clear this Interview.


Stress Interview:

In the current scenario, one has to work under pressure and extended timings wherever you work. For this the companies will test your emotional quotient and patience through this Interview. This is done by asking fast and random questions or by making you angry with some abusive or unusual questions. To clear this interview don’t get angry and tensed while the Interview. Give clear and smart answers for those questions. Normally this Interview will be there for Sales and Marketing Job.


HR Interview:

Normally HR Interview and Preliminary Interview will be same where you will be tested for the basic requirements. In many cases HR Interview will be the final round where you will be tested for your suitability to the organizational culture and will be negotiated for salary. While negotiation of salary you can negotiate based on your confidence and experience. But be sure about the maximum salary being offered for the position by the company.


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