Whatsapp – Vicious circle

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

The boss calls his secretary and says:
”Get ready for the weekend. We are going on a business trip”

The secretary calls husband and says:
”Me and my boss are going on a business trip for 2 days so take care of yourself”

The husband calls his girl friend and says:
”My wife is going on a business trip, come home and we can have fun”

The girl friend calls the boy to whom she gives tuition, “No tuition this weekend”

The boy calls his father:
”Dad! at last we can spend this weekend together”

Dad (The boss) calls his secretary and says:
”Business trip is cancelled and I’m going to spend the weekend with my son”

The Secretary calls husband, “I wont be going”

The husband calls his girlfriend, “I’m sorry, my wife is not going”

The girlfriend calls boy, “You have tuition”

Boy calls his father and says, “Sorry Dad! I’ve classes”

The Dad calls his Secretary……………………………………..



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